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Water balance is an important part of pool and spa maintenance to prevent damage to equipment and allow the chemical products to work efficiently. Pool and spa water should be tested regularly and adjusted to meet the proper mineral requirements. This balance is constantly changing and everything from weather to oils, to dirt, and cosmetics affect it.
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Why Sanitize? Well, first let's start with what exactly is it? Sanitation is the reduction of the level of micro-organisms (living cells so small they can only be observed through a microscope) by significant numbers (usually 99.9% or more) to safe levels as established by state or federal authorities.
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Algae Products
Algae are single-cell plants containing chlorophyll and are one of the hardiest and most widespread living organisms on this planet, existing in over 30,000 different varieties. Algae require warm water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to grow - and guess what?! Pool and spa water has the potential of providing just such an environment. When conditions are right, an algae bloom can occur seemingly overnight so instead of dealing with algae after the fact; which requires work and effort (and money!) to rid the water completely of algae, it is better to use preventative chemicals and keep algae at bay.
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To some cleaning is viewed as an art form. To the rest of us, it is a necessary chore. No matter what type of surface or cleaning solution needed, we have got you covered.
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Problem Solving
No matter what word you use to describe it, when confronted with cloudy pool or spa water, confusion often results because there are several different reasons for water to become cloudy. Cloudy, or turbid water is the result of the presence of suspended solids in the water.
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Metal & Scale
Good water maintenance also includes dealing with metal. Issues with metal and metallic ions can cause staining and scale, can color water, can damage equipment and ruin your pool or spa if not treated or better yet - prevented. So how does metal find it's way into your pool or spa? Through the very water you fill them with, and it doesn't matter if it's well water or tap water. Iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, aluminum and silver can all be present in dissolved form in your fill water. As the metal and metal ions accumulate, the greater the chance that they will eventually come out of solution. Once out of solution, they make the water cloudy or worse, they "plate out" on the pool's or spa's surfaces and stain.
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