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We are Phoenix Products. For those of you who know us and use our products, we would like to take a minute to say - Thank You. For those who are new customers - Welcome. It's been said we are a little obsessive about chemicals. Well, it is what we specialize in. It's been 25 years of trial and error to perfect the best chemistry. It's been never com- promising quality. It's been constantly looking for the next pool chemical innovation. It's been a willingness to share the knowledge we've gained through experience with our customers to help their customers. Now, with that said, let's just say that's an obsession we're proud to have. Let us of- fer you the best of who we are - pool and spa chemicals.

We know your pool and spa are a big part of your life. They are your personal retreats, your backyard entertainment centers with water. We developed this guide to be as informative as possible. It showcases our quality pool and spa care lines which offer you everything you need to make it easy to keep your pool and spa at their best, because your private sanctuary shouldn't be a confusing chore to maintain.

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Serena Spa

Balancers   |   Sanitizers   |   Shock   |   Problem Solving   |   Metal & Scale

A new line of quality spa care chemicals that includes cleansers, balancers, sanitizers, and water maintenance products. Our SerenaSpaTM line offers everything you need to make it easy to keep spa water clear and the plumbing, jets and filter clean. We also offer in-spa aromatherapy. Unique fragrances combined with special water conditioners to help relax you.

Enjoy the feeling of soft, warm water while soothing the senses with four delicious scents that can be mixed to create a truly personal experience. These luxurious products will turn your spa into a retreat! Serenity found.

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