Our Expertise

Founded in 1982, we have been formulating high Quality products for the pool and spa industry. Our specialty has been the formulation of problem solving products. Being a family owned business, founded by a chemist, Technical support was not only a cornerstone of our customer service philosophy, it was reinforced in every employee morning, noon and night.

Our sales and customer service team have decades of pool construction and water chemistry experience. We can offer your staff or customer base in house or on-site chemical instruction on how to open, maintain or close pools. Not to mention our extensive history of problem solving! It is our willingness to share the knowledge we have gained, while searching for the next break through in water treatment technology to make pool and spa maintenance quicker, easier and safer, that our customer's appreciate the most.

Phoenix Distribution

We have grown largely because of our belief that the relationships we make with our customer's is important and that our number one product is service. All of our staff will work with you as an individual, regardless of the size of your company to ensure you get the product delivered on time, you get the answers to your questions quickly and you get the service you would give to your own customer. We operate our own fleet of trucks delivering throughout the greater North East USA. And if you need it faster than we can get there, we use overnight carriers. We look forward to having a chance to work with you!