Phoenix Summer Algaecide

Product Details

Effective in controlling existing algae, and subsequent doses will control recontamination by algae. The treated water may be used immediately. NO WAITING.

This product under field conditions, has shown to be effective in controlling mustard and black algae. The triethanolamine complex used in this product prevents the precipitation of the copper with the carbonates or bicarbonates in water.

Apply an initial treatment to a freshly filled pool or at first visible signs of algae growth. Add a maintenance dose every two weeks. Pour the required treatment amount of this product into a plastic watering can, fill with water, and sprinkle the diluted product around the edge of the pool. For best results, the mixture should be distributed equally around the edge of the pool.

Product Features

  • Use water immediately, no waiting!
  • Effective control of mustard and black algae.

Additional Information