Phoenix Stainless Steel Polish

Product Details

Commercial Grade Formula. Safe for routine maintenance to restore shine on rusted stainless steel fixtures in and around the pool. This product is an effective cleaner for stainless steel railings, ladders, gutters, lifeguard stands, diving stands, and more. Great for any rehab project around the pool. When used as directed Stainless Steel Polish will restore your stainless steel finish to a bright polish. Use this product to remove light to medium staining and corrosion on stainless steel and any concrete surface. For stainless steel fixtures that have a severe rust and corrosion problem, it is recommended to use Stainless Steel Restoration Powder as the first procedure.

For use wipe down the surface with a clean cloth to remove as much surface dirt, rust, or scale as possible. Wipe down the surface with Stainless Steel Polish and allow the surface to dry then wipe down. Reapply until you achieve the desired results. Wash off suface with a clean cloth. For maintenance treatment it is recommended to follow the same procedure on a monthly basis or sooner if necessary.

Product Features

  • Commercial grade formula.

Additional Information