Pool Recovery

Product Details

Pool Recovery is a combination of our Phosphate Remover, Natural Enzymes, and Super Pool Pruf Clarifier, designed to make pool maintenance EASY! Our Pool Recovery Phosphate Remover, captures phosphates, a necessary ingredient for algae growth. Natural Enzymes then destroy those contaminants. The resulting dead particles are captured by the Super Pool Pruf Clarifier and trapped in the filter awaiting backwashing.

Application: Before dosing check phosphate levels with a test kit. Cloudiness will occur upon addition and increase filter pressure, therefore backwash and/or clean the filter as necessary. Recheck phosphate level after application and treat accordingly. Apply Pool Recovery evenly into the water around the perimeter of the pool. Use 1 oz for every 125 ppm., 2oz for 0-500ppb, 4oz for 500ppb, 8oz for 1,000ppb, 16oz for 2,000ppb and 32oz (1 Quart) for 4,000ppb. of phosphates.

Product Features

  • Super Fast! The Most Efficient formula to lower phosphates fast!

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Pool Recovery