Phoenix Oxy-Clean (Non-Chlorine Shock)

Product Details

"Use less Chlorine in your pool with Oxy Clean." In a traditional pool care system, Chlorine is used as a Sanitizer to kill bacteria and as an oxidizer to eliminate organic waste from bathers and the environment. Up to 90% of the Chlorine Sanitizer is used in oxidizing the organic material—leaving only 10% to control the disease-causing germs and nuisance algae. Products that contain Oxy Clean provide the oxidation necessary to keep the water sparkling clear, so the Chlorine is free to Sanitize the pool. As a result, the Chlorine Sanitizer lasts longer, so you can use less Chlorine throughout the season.

Product Features

  • 1 LB treats 10,000 gallons each week
  • Available in 2LB

Additional Information