Brom Bank for Spas (Bromide Liquid Salts)

Product Details

Serena Spa® Brom Bank for Spas is a clear solution of bromide salts which remain as a stable bank in the spa water. This product has no disinfectant qualities, and it is only when Serena Spa® Brominating Tabs are added that bromide is released into the water containing these products. This product should be added when the spa is filled and weekly thereafter to maintain a bank of bromide in the water.

First treat the spa with Serena Spa® Stain & Scale Preventer according to its label directions. Then, add this product 4 ounces per 250 gallons of water directly into the spa. Circulate the spa water while adding this product to assure rapid and thorough distribution. Then add on a weekly schedule this product, 1 ounce per 250 gallons of water to maintain a sufficient bank of bromide in the water.

Test the bromide residual at least once every day with a bromide/pH test kit. The bromide residual must be between 1-3 ppm for residential spas and 3-5 ppm for commercial installations. Heavy usage or the length of time the spa is in use may result in depletion of bromide and require additional dosages of Serena Spa® Brominating Tabs and/or this product to maintain the desired bromide residual.

NEVER mix any chemical with each other before adding to the spa water.

It is recommended to change spa water every 3 months or as needed to maintain water quality.

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